I’m not happy today…about something…
But when I draw Billy and Teddy, I saw the sunshine:)

Hope u like~

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After readingAvengers Fairy Tales#3 The Alice’s story ~~young avengers wear steampunk style clothes ~so cool~then I drew this picture, rabbit Billy&Tommy and the hatter Teddy
hope u like~(๑′ᴗ‵๑)

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im just a in love with the “falling asleep on each other while on train/bus/whatever” um so here have our young avengers cutest couple uh

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Wiccan with palette #1

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The All-New Defenders by Pryce14

Another dream roster thingie.

I haven’t read much of Marvel’s more mystic-themed comics, but I’ve grown particularly fond of Nico, Wiccan, and the new Ghost Rider, and I’ve always found Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch interesting. Therefore, I’d love to see a comic feature them together.

The main purpose of the team would be Doctor Strange gathering these teen magic-users to teach them more of the mystic world. Strange as leader and Magick as his right-hand woman. The new Ghost Rider, Pixie, Nico, and Wiccan as students. Scarlet Witch to spend more time with Wiccan and try to sort out her life. And Loki is there because this team will definitely get itself into a huge mess, and he’d want front row seats.

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more of that dirty hipster au now featuring clint’s coffee shop and a lot more people

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So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose
Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me
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